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Meet Laura

Artist and Author of the

Of Sovereign and Citizen book series.

Laura Farrar was born in San Angelo, Texas, and currently resides in Central Texas. She has been a part of the creative and marketing industries for the past 20 years. Before becoming an author, she worked in film, video, newspapers, radio, live events, and online marketing.

She is currently writing the Of Sovereign and Citizen book series, starting with the first book The Chains of Death. 

At the age of seventeen, Laura wrote her first novel. In it, she explored the ideas that the culture, media, and school presented to her. Over the years, she has spent much time developing on those ideas and the underlying themes of a life well-lived.

As a storyteller, Laura strongly believes that she has a responsibility to write good messages to young people to help them grow in character and give sincere thought to real love and sacrifice. Inspired by her teen daughters, she set out to write in the Young Adult Fantasy market. She quickly realized that if she struggled to find quality, moral content in the YA genre, other parents were struggling in the same area. The Of Sovereign and Citizen book series is meant to help fill that gap with exciting and wholesome storytelling intended to help teens and young adults see the world in a way they have never seen it before.

Most importantly, Laura is a follower of Jesus Christ and values all people with the love of God. She takes very seriously the messages she presents and desires all people to know Jesus for themselves and be saved.

If it is the truth, it will always be the truth regardless of popular opinion.

Laura A. Farrar

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