Of Sovereign and Citizen - Book 1

Laura A. Farrar's intense fantasy romance will take you on an unexpected adventure with cruel charm and relentless spirit. 

Lady Althea Eveningfall is the perfect girl that everyone loves. She desires two things--a lost hero named Davi Bar'esa and her duty as a Champion of Callandria. However, when she meets a powerful crime lord called The Chains of Death, her world spins out of control with obsession. Chains is everything that has gone wrong with the world, but he is the only person that has what Althea needs to find her lost Davi Bar'esa. Can Althea convince Chains to give her the information that she needs before she throws everything she has ever wanted away for the hope of keeping him for herself? Will their compulsion to dominate each other end in disaster as the land of Empileth spirals into war within its borders and without?

Of Sovereign and Citizen is an epic series set in a fantasy realm where the righteous powers of the world have forgotten purpose and mercy. Divided by ideologies and vengeance, the county of Empileth--a hinterland between Althea's home of Callandria and a ruthless nation ruled by a dragon king--is a backdrop of intrigue and corrupt politics. It is the battleground that keeps the old evils of an ancient world fenced apart, but no one quite remembers why. All that remains is duty and tradition--and treachery. 


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"This book is by far an emotional roller-coaster. Personally, I could not put the book down, and throughout the entire journey it is completely worth it. I personally cannot wait for what is to come!"
--Katrina P.

"I couldn't put this down. There is such a wonderful web of fantasy politics, hidden agendas, and hidden loves. Who is the Dark Queen? What exactly is Althea and why is she so loved and hated? What is Brynmor's goals? I think Chains is my actual favorite character. He has the appraising, worldly intellect of Aragorn and the gruff, hard-to-gauge raw power of Jayne Cobb. With a touch of Chris Evans from Knives Out. The Chains of Death has inspired me to dust off my George R.R. Martin collection after about a decade."

--Ron J.

"This is a must read for fans of the fantasy genre. Laura thrusts you into a world that quite honestly, you don’t want to leave. The book was well written and kept my interest until the very last page. I am looking forward to more from this author!"

--Danniel S.

"What a great book! Starts on a cliff hanger and draws you in. You run the gammut of emotions, in a particular sitting I was crying one minute then joyously laughing the next. Good character development with conflicted love intrests add depth to the story. Pretty fast paced and leaves you wanting more. Looks like it's the first in a trilogy so that's exciting! I heard somewhere that the second and third books are well into production. I'm hoping to see a second of the series released soon, need to know what happens next!!!!"

--Amazon Customer