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The Book of Enoch & the Bible - 10 Day Bible Study

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

As many of you know, Kip and I have been working on the Book of Enoch MSV since 2015 and launched the book in October 2022. Today we hit another milestone! Our bible study on the Book of Enoch and the Bible is now exclusively available on the YouVersion Bible App. We hope that you enjoy it!


The Book of Enoch is a strange and interesting collection of works quoted by Jude in the Bible. Let's explore Enoch's biblical connections and what the New Testament writers thought of it. Hebrews tells us Enoch served God faithfully through the most corrupt time in history, reminding us how to stand firm in a world of turmoil.

The Book of Enoch & the Bible (YouVersion Bible Study)

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