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The Chains of Death - Up Close

Interesting fact, I painted the portraits for all of my promotional art. Since 1999, I have been a digital painter, but over the last several years, I really focused on growing this skill. Like deciding to pursue writing, I had to accept that I was artsy and embrace it. That probably sounds a little silly, but choosing to share my artwork was actually very difficult for me. However, it was worth it. It taught me how very important feedback and critique really are to personal growth.

If you spend your life hiding the talents and skills that God has blessed you with, you will never reach your full potential. God has blessed each one of us with something great and He expects us to each pursue it with all that we have for His glory. And when you live a life that desires to honor God with your gifts, you will love what you do everyday, even on the hard days.

Don't give up. Work hard. Pray hard. You have what it takes to reach your goals.

God bless you!

- Laura A. Farrar

P.S. If you would like to see more of my art, check out my Instagram: @laurathefarrar

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