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Illustration Resources

(Above image taken directly from SVS Learn's about page.)

Where are all my illustrators? In an effort to make sure you guys have some guidance as well, I have a little treat for not just the writers, but also the illustrators. One of my very favorite illustration resources comes from SVS Learn. Will Terry, Lee White, and Jake Parker are simply amazing and we have learned so much from them. If you are looking for some great instruction their online illustration school is really a must have. They have a 30-free trial, but lets be honest, its only $24.99 a month and brick and mortar art school IS WAY MORE! (This is not a paid endorsement of SVS Learn, but I really believe in them and have greatly benefited from their work.)

Let's be honest for a moment, learning at an affordable price from industry professionals is way smarter than massive student loan debt. And, when I am looking to hire, never care about what school someone graduated from, I care about if they can get the job done! Start looking for ways to learn for free or super cheap.

Get industrious! Get inspired! And stop making excuses for yourself! Get after it!

More Free Help:

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