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Red Bird - Children's Book is Live on Amazon!

Some of you know that I run a weekly Creative Writing for Women Small Group. Our members focus on works with a God-centered message, and Miriam is the latest to publish a work!

I am excited to announce that Miriam has just released her first children's book! Check it out and give her a 5 Star review to help promote her in the Amazon algorithm!

Red Bird is a spunky Cardinal, full of life! One day while enjoying the water fountain, Red Bird becomes surrounded by blue birds that want nothing more than for Red Bird to become like them – unhappy, fearful, and anxious.

They do not want Red Bird to be happy. Instead, they want him to come visit their treehouse in the swampy forest so that he will become fearful like them.

This adventure book teaches kids a simple, yet powerful tool on overcoming anxiety and reminds them that they were born to be fearless and free!

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